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I was bored earlier and I was using an online translator to translate words into different languages.

I plugged in the word “thesaurus” to see what would happen. Aaaaaand this is what I found…

Thesaurus translated into Spanish is “tesauro” (that’s what I would have said if I were just guessing.)

Thesaurus translated into Norwegian is “thesaurus”. (well, that is the same word.)

Thesaurus translated into French is “thésaurus” (same word but with an accent)

Thesaurus translated into Dutch is “de thesaurus” (it’s the same, they just added a “de” which is crazy when you know that “dictionary” translated into Dutch is “het woordenboek”)

And my favorite… thesaurus translated into German is “Thesaurus.” (it is the very same except they capitalize it. seriously.)

Then I thought I would get a little more complicated and try some of the more intricate languages from the Far East. Aaaaaand this is what I found…

Thesaurus translated into Simplified Chinese is “thesaurus” (well, that IS pretty simple)

Thesaurus translated into Traditional Chinese is “????” (well, that is very similar to 4 question marks, I think we’d do best to stick to Simplified Chinese.)

Thesaurus translated into Japanese is “?????” (again, I think we’d be wise to stick with Simplified Chinese)

By the way, loser translated into German is “Verlierer”. (it still means the same but I like the way it is capitalized, it makes me feel important.)

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