Packed and Ready…

Okay, a lot of you are wondering what’s going on with this picture:

Well, I hurt my neck. How did I hurt it you may ask…

Well, you know, just the usual way, same as everybody, nothing special, you know, it just kinda happened during a slam dunk contest against middle schoolers in an inflatable basketball court.

Yeah… I know. I’m an idiot.

But don’t think of it as me being an idiot, think of it as me being a good friend to chiropractor Dr. Drew Parker. I’m helping build his business. Helping pay for his new building. And his new car. Helping to put his daughter through college.

Yeah… I know. I’m an awesome friend.

*Okay, I’ve helped Dr. Drew and now I need YOUR help. Starting Saturday I am off on my Imagication. I know, I can’t wait!

A few months ago I coined the term “staycation”… a stay at home vacation. You’ve probably heard Stephen Colbert use the term, or NPR, or maybe even your very own mom. And I’m okay with that because with all the royalties I’m making off of their use of “staycation” I’m able to take my very own, and in many ways better, IMAGICATION! An imagication, pronounced ee-madge-eh-cation, is an imaginary vacation. It is, besides an all-inclusive Disney cruise, by far the best way to vacation. The only limit is your imagination. You can go ice fishing in Antarctica. You can go mountain climbing in Tibet Bear Grylls-style to the tip-top of Mount Everest. You can go wrestle crocodiles in Australia with Steve Irwin’s ghost. You can go to Six Flags Over Georgia your Aunt Kathy. You can go ANYWHERE! You can do ANYTHING!

I’ll be on my imagication Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday which means I can go FOUR different places. Each day I will blog about my adventures in the places you suggest. Do you wanna hear about my trip to New York City where I was mugged by a blind homeless man and set up a booth outside CVS pharmacy where me and the naked cowboy painted tourists’ faces with melted lipstick and Q-tips to earn enough money to pay for my hotair balloon ride home? Well, all you have to do is suggest it and maybe I’ll pick it.

Get your suggestions in via comment here at or via Facebook comment or message. Let me know via MySpace or Email. You can call me or text me or you could send me a carrier pigeon, it doesn’t really matter your method, it only matters that it is fun.

I’ll include as many pictures as possible and who knows, I might even take you along with me. My bags are packed, my passport is tucked away in my “secret” undershirt belt, and I can’t wait to set off on my very own Imagication!

By the way, is anybody up for catsitting?


5 Responses to “Packed and Ready…”

  1. Matt D Says:

    I think you should go to Easter Island and see those stone people or go to the Bermuda Triangle…just a thought

  2. Patrick Says:

    I think Orlando, FL is where you should travel to.

  3. Molly Turner Says:

    I think you should go anywhere Christopher Nolan has ever been.

  4. Meagan Says:

    Kevin! It’s Meagan from last week’s trip at World Changers. Having fun on your imagication?

  5. kevinthecoolguy Says:

    heck yeah! i’m having a blast. so much fun i can’t seem to get back and let you all know where i’ve been and where i’m going.

    heaven by the way, heaven is where i went yesterday. heaven. yeah, HEAVEN. it was AWESOME!

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