One of my best friends is moving to Orlando… Florida, it turns out, not Orlando, Tennessee as I had previously thought. Patrick Mahan of patCAST fame is moving down to Orlando to go to Film School at For Sale University.

Soooo, for my first day of Imagication 2008 I thought, “Hey, Orlando is one of the top vacation spots in all the world… I should go to Orlando!” Especially now that I had a connection down there and a free place to stay. I am back now and let me just say that even though I was bitten by a snake, got Salmonella, and somehow lost my wallet, we had the most amazing day ever!

24 hours earlier…

One of the greatest things about Imagications is that you can pack light. You don’t need to spend all kinds of time packing what you want, what you need, what you THINK you might need, because on an Imagication, if you get there and you need a wetsuit, a three piece suit, or a zoot suit, all you have to do is imagine it. That in and of itself made the morning of my first day of Imagication more enjoyable than a regular vacation. The fact that Patrick and I decided to fly from the Chattanooga Airport instead of driving all day or driving 2 hours to Atlanta made my Imagication more enjoyable from the get go.

We flew on one of those smaller jets, not like a 6 seater, but one of those 16 row mini-jet things. It was good, the Honda Accord of airplanes, enough room without being too much. Patrick and I sat about 10 rows back in seats B and C. Thad was our flight attendant. It was early in the morning, but he was perky. Really perky.

Patrick and I were talking as the plane started to taxi out of the gate and towards the runway. We were talking about what we might do when we got to Orlando, with money being no issue, time being suspended, and the fact that Patrick was an now an Orlandoneer when the pilot came over the intercom and directed Thad the flight attendant to go over safety measures.

At that time Thad then put a CD in the CD player while at the same time grabbing a demo seatbelt. He stood stiff, up front, waiting on the CD to start. When it did start, he started his little seatbelt demonstration. What made it so interesting, something I had never seen before, is that he started moving his lips along with the CD. Even more interesting was that the voice on the CD wasn’t a female, it wasn’t the pilots, it wasn’t some other flight attendant… The voice on that CD was Thad’s. Seriously. Thad was lip synching to his own voice on the CD.

It reminded me of Kids Incorporated. Have you ever seen that show? It was a Disney show from the 80’s.

Here’s a quick clip of them “singing”. Note, the youngest girl is Stacy Ferguson… yeah, “Fergie”

Anyway, Thad got us going safely and, once in the air, came by with drinks and offered us peanuts. FIVE DOLLAR peanuts. Remember when peanuts were free. One bag, two bags, ten bags… all free. But not any more, and even on imagications there has to be some sense of reality.

So five minutes after taking off we landed in Orlando. What? I said some sense of reality. I don’t have all day to imagine I am flying to Orlando, I’ve got stuff to do!

So we landed in Orlando, got off the plane and headed into town. We didn’t need to go by baggage claim because we had everything we’d need in our backpacks. If I am being honest I should go ahead and let you know that I was carrying a messenger bag, you know, in case it comes in to play later. I wanted to wear a fanny pack but Patrick wouldn’t let me, but he did compromise and let me have a man bag.

With excitement in my eyes I walked with Patrick into the Orlando sun. Orlando, home of Universal, Epcot, and all things Disney has pretty much anything you could want to do on vacation so as I began listing all the things I thought might be fun to do Patrick answered each with, “Yeah… that could be fun.” as if we were not going to be doing those things. This was my imagication, in my head, why was he trying to control it, why was allowing him to control it???

“This is MY imagication, why are you trying to control it,” I said.

“I’m NOT trying to control it…I’m just merely giving suggestions, you know, as an Orlandoneer,” he answered back.

“First of all,” I said, “Orlandoneer is my word, don’t try to use it like you made it up. And secondly, it does kinda seem like you are trying to control my imagication. If all these touristy things don’t seem fun, what do you suggest we do… you know as an Orlandoneer.”

“Well, I think we should do something different, something fun and Orlando-ie but something different. You could go to Disney any day, if you wanted to go to Disney we should have gone to EuroDisney or something, something fun and unexpected. Regular Disney isn’t all that great… I mean, it’s great… but not for an imagication.”

“Good point,” I said, “but what should we do then? You are the one who suggested we go to Orlando.”

“I was already going to Orlando, I just thought it would be fun if you came along because I always enjoying being with you. You’re fun, and smart, and creative, and I always enjoy doing creative stuff with you and…”

“You have an assignment, don’t you? You suggested I come here because you have an assignment didn’t you! You didn’t want to hang out and show me around Orlando did you! You wanted me to come here and help you with an assignment didn’t you!!!”


“So we’re not going to Disney…”

“Uhh, probably not.”

“I hate you.”

Turns out that Patrick had suggested Orlando, filled my head with all the fun Orlando had to offer, even casually mentioned the really cheap and convenient direct flight from Chattanooga to Orlando not because he wanted to hang out with me on my imagication, but because he had an assignment. An assignment to make a movie I found out. A movie that was due on Monday. A movie that he had to turn in in order for him to enter film school. A movie that had to have a public screening.

What the heck? Thanks, Patrick, thank a whole lot.

“What movie are we gonna be able to make in one day, Patrick? A movie, by the way, that has to be good enough to get you into film school!”

“I’m not sure… yet. That’s what I wanted your help with.”

“What kind of film do you want to make? Comedy? Action? Drama? Special FX? Original? Sequel? What?”


“’Yes’ what???” I said, getting annoyed.

“Yes, to all of those. I’d like to make a comedy. And an action movie. And a drama. With special effects. And I’d like it to be an original… and a sequel if that is possible. And I would like it to involve snakes.”

“You want to make an action dramedy original sequel with special effects? Involving snakes??”

“Yes. Starring Pat Morita.”

“Starring Mr. Miyagi? For real?”

“Yes,” he said, glad that I was starting to see his vision.

“That movie has already happened… You know that movie has already happened, right?” I said as I showed him this clip of the movie King Cobra starring Mr. Miyagi as a snake wrangler who has been called in to catch a genetically mutated 30 foot long King Cobra/Eastern Diamondback mix.

“And as you can see, he died in that movie, so don’t even think about making a sequel.”

“Yeah, no, but something like that. With Pat Morita.”

“Pat Morita is dead.”
“From that snake bite???”

“What? NO! He’s dead from pneumonia or old age or something. He died a couple of years ago.”

“Crap, there goes my plan.”

“There goes your plan?? That was your plan? Get me down here under false pretenses, trick me into making a film with you, call up Pat Morita and make an action dramedy original sequel with special effects involving snakes? Seriously, that was your plan? You suck at plans.”

“Which is why I brought you. Help me. What do you think we should do?”

“It’s your film, to get into your film school, for your film career,” I said, “You are gonna have to give me a jumping off point.”

“An action dramedy original sequel with–”

“I know, I know, with special effects involving snakes. Do you have any connections down here? What about equipment, and people… what about people to be in your film and what about people to film your film?”

“I have people, people from school, they all said they could help, and Matt Nassar, Matt Nassar is here and he will be glad to help me out.”

“Does he know any stars who might want to be in your film?”

“He knows Topanga from Boy Meets World.”

“Seriously? He knows Topanga from Boy Meets World? THE Boy Meets World?”



“Well, Boy Meets World was on ABC which is owned by Disney which is in Orlando.”

“Uhh, yeah, but Boy Meets World was filmed in LA… all those people live in LA.”

“They did, and some still do, but Topanga lives in Orlando. She works at Disney in a stage production of Cinderella. It’s true, check her page at”

“Okay, so he knows Topanga… are you saying you want Topanga to star in your action dramedy original sequel snake movie project?”

“What? No. No, that’s stupid. No. But Matt knows her, she still keeps in touch with Ben Savage (her BMW husband) who still keeps in touch with Mr. Feeny who was the voice of KITT on the original Knight Rider series starring David Hasselhoff. Get it?”

“You want Mr. Feeny to star in your action dramedy original sequel with special effects involving snakes?? That doesn’t even make sense. I think he is dead or retired or something anyway.”

“No, I think we could get David Hasselhoff,” Patrick said.

“David Hasselhoff? ‘The Hoff’? Michael Knight? Lt. Mitch Buchannon? German Pop Superstar David Hasselhoff? THIS David Hasselhoff,” I said, as I showed him this picture:

“In a movie?” I continued, “For us? Today? In Orlando?”

“Yes.” said matter-of-factly.

“Okay, let’s do it.”

“What movie should we do?” Patrick asked.

“My favorite snake movie of all time is Anaconda,” I said laughing, “but they’ve already done a sequel to that,” I said as I started to think about a sequel to that sequel. “Anaconda 3 starring David Hasselhoff… what would it be about…” I was aloud thinking as my phone began ringing.

I answered it; it was Lori, she was calling me on her new iPhone just to tell me she was calling me on her new iPhone. “You could have texted me that,” I said. “I already texted you from my new iPhone,” she said, “I wanted to call you… on my new iPhone.”

“Okay, well, since I am talking to you… on your new iPhone, I have a question for you: If you were going to make an action dramedy original sequel with special effects involving snakes called Anaconda 3 starring David Hasselhoff, what do you think the plot might be?”

Lori answered sarcastically, “Maybe all the snakes are drowning and David is saving them.”

“Like a mixture between the original Anaconda and Baywatch… I like it!”

Of course that was a ridiculous idea, one that would never happen.

Or so I thought… but just 11 hours later we had completed the movie. Written, filmed, edited and even sent if off to the Sci-Fi Channel who is aired it last night. TWICE!

Check out the trailer!!!!

I never thought we’d accomplish so much on Day 1 of my imagication. I never thought what I imagined in my mind would actually end up on tv. I guess I never really knew that was possible. But it was. It is. Anything is possible.

Like eating dinner at Waffle House with David Hasselhoff after wrapping on an action dramedy original sequel with special effects involving snakes. We shared a waffle. He told stories from Knight Rider and Baywatch and Click! Surprisingly he does a pretty good Adam Sandler impression.


Okay, it’s in German, but in English it is really funny. He is doing an impression of Adam doing his Hannakuh song. Here is him doing Sandler in English. I think it is a Happy Gilmore song…

Uhh, I think that is him imitating Adam. He’s singing, people are laughing, his hair is poofy. It’s better in person.

Everything is better when you experience them in person. Except jalapenos. More on that tomorrow on Day 2 of IMAGICATION 2008!

3 Responses to “IMAGICATION 2008: DAY 1”

  1. liza Says:

    Oh my word! I haven’t thought about Kids Incorporated in years!!! That was my favorite show for a long time! I had no idea that was Fergie!

  2. Patrick Says:

    That was the best imagication i’ve ever been on.. and the best movie i’ve ever made and i’ve made lots of movies. Thanks for helping me with my project Kevin. You’re a great pal!

  3. Matt Nassar Says:

    This was absolutely hilarious to have read, Kevin! *Gives Kevin a really rad high five!* =)

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