The Baby-Sitters Club: Training Camp

As you know from my Facebook Photo of the Day, I am the best baby-sitter in the world. The world people. The world.

Today I watched Shepherd for a little bit while Hope was doing some office work. Since she is a stay-at-home mom I assume that “office work” probably meant Facebook. Anyway, while she was working I was watching Shep.

As you can see I am a very good baby-sitter. I have very progressive techniques. Here you see me implementing the “story time while on an air hockey table bed” technique I picked up while I was a manny in Canada. It’s awesome, the air blowing up through the holes cools his back and the whirl of the fan calms him. He also enjoyed the story, which was about a Duck named Steven who was from French-Quebec. Kids love French-accented duck quacks.

I guess it was the combination of not wanting Shepherd to be bored, my obsession with the Olympics, and the convenience of the equipment in the rec center that inspired our afternoon play time. Really, I guess it was all Shepherd’s idea. He was the first to grab the air hockey stick.

So I played him a game or two.

And then, in a sporting mood, I thought it would be fun to teach him to swim. On the air hockey table. His dad hates swimming (which I don’t get at all) so really it was just to spite him. With the air shooting through all the tiny holes on the table it was a cool mix between swimming and indoor skydiving. Chad will be glad to know that Shepherd was swimming back and forth with no problem and really seemed to love it!

And then I thought I would go all out and teach him to play soccer. He is too small to take him outside and kick a ball around but he is the perfect size to play foosball.

Just like Uncle Kev, he is the goalkeeper.



You might be asking how Hope knew that I’d be a good baby-sitter…

She made me interview of course.


2 Responses to “The Baby-Sitters Club: Training Camp”

  1. RebeccaB Says:

    you are a way better babysitter than I am…

  2. tyler hurst Says:

    Dude, that was great. Kudos.

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