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Will Mr Kevin Eat it???

Today I starred in 2 videos at church. One is for Sunday Morning worship (Big Church) as an illustration for Brother Bill’s sermon, and another one for the launch of our Children’s Worship Service (Children’s Church). They were both ridiculous. Ridiculous.

The one for Brother Bill was a pocket-stuffing, oreo-eating, vignette of gluttoneous tomfoolery meant to showcase over-indulgence. And my dancing skills.

The one for Children’s Worship Service was nothing more than an excuse to make me eat the MOST disgusting things in the world, which never fails to make the kids laugh. (and me throw up!)

It ended up being pretty funny but in the process I ate the worst of the worst. It started out okay, but it got bad fast… I ate a candy bar (yum), pizza… a LOT of pizza (yum, but too much), Spam (not yum), a can of spinach (nowhere near yum), and pickled pigs feet… PICKLED PIGS FEET PEOPLE!!!! (the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten bar none.)

The only way I can describe the taste of pickled pigs feet to you if you have not had them is that it tastes like the taste in your mouth after you have thrown up. Seriously. And then when you throw up the pickled pigs feet… which you most certainly will… the taste of that throwup taste will be intensified 10 fold. 20 fold. It is the WORST!

When Crash finishes editing it, I’ll put it on youtube and allow you to share in the “glory” that is the Launch Video for Children’s Worship Service.

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