Photo of the Day- 10september2008

Poe Family Port(red).

Tonight was RED Wednesday at church for the youth. We, I, as I wouldn’t want to drag Chad and Tony down with my (red)diculousness, cheesily dubbed it (RED)nesday. We are starting a new semester long emphasis on global issues much like the (red) campaign and by the end of the semester we will buy goats and wells and chickens and medicine and school supplies, impacting the world around us with a little bit of what we have been blessed with. For example, someone in Thailand is getting my appendix… pony up Chad, what are YOU going to give?!?!?!?

Anyway, tonight was the first (RED)nesday and we all wore red. Chad wore red, Hope wore red, and even Shepherd was all decked out in red. Hope dressed him in a legwarmer she had from high school. He looked like a caterpillar.

DISCLAIMER (per Hope): Hope did not really dress Shepherd in a legwarmer, she is an excellent mother. That is just a rolled up hoodie. I am an idiot. Also I am a bad picture taker, Hope was not ready.

One Response to “Photo of the Day- 10september2008”

  1. Zach Says:

    Photo of the Day is my Highlight of the Day

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