Cookie Monster and The Garbage Disposal

For all of you who do not know, I work at Ridgedale Baptist with the youth. I am also affectionately referred to as the Minister of Crazy because crazy people seem to flock to me. They feel a sort of kinship I suppose. Anyway, at work they often come to me to be a part of some video or skit or crazy game because it is common knowledge that I am an idiot and will dance like a monkey when asked. This past week they came to me twice, in the same day.

And then they showed both videos last Sunday morning at church. In simultaneous services they showed both videos. It is not easy but I was an embarrassment to my mother in two different locations, in two different capacities, at the same time. And now I will share those with you so I can embarrass my mother everywhere in the world whenever you want to watch it.

The first video was shown in Big Church (Baptist Talk for Sunday Morning Worship Service). It was something that Brother Bill wanted to go along with his sermon. It is… well, just watch it.

Help Yourself.

I have been ribbed by everyone at church, especially the senior adults, all week for eating their Oreos. Senior adults seem to really enjoy Oreos. I can’t wait to go to Gatlinburg with them at the end of the month, I think I know exactly what we are all going to get on our matching airbrushed t-shirts!

The next video was for the kick off of our new Children’s Worship service on Sunday Mornings. It is a worship service geared towards kids to go to during Big Church. The idea for this video was to make the kids laugh by making me look like an idiot. That’s usually the premise I am given. Of course I said, “Fantastic, let’s do it!”

Then they told me the title the wanted to use: Will Mr. Kevin EAT It???

What? Huh? Will I eat what? When? Where? Huh? Wait, this is gonna be gross isn’t it…

Well, just watch the video… but before you do I would just like to take this time to publicly apologize to my mother again.

Okay, enjoy!

Will Mr Kevin EAT it???

Every kid I have seen over the last week has come up with ideas for something for me to eat in the sequel, each suggestion grosser than the next. Yeah, kids are the greatest! Please let me come speak at your child’s career day at school, I will have all the children telling people they want to be a “professional pig’s feet eater in crazy videos to make kids laugh” when they grow up.

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2 Responses to “Cookie Monster and The Garbage Disposal”

  1. Ruth Ann Says:

    O.k., I got sick just watching that last one…yuk!

  2. chad Says:

    Spinach can cause kidney stones. I saw it on Reba…

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