Photo of the Day- 11september2008

Mailbox Camo

A few weeks ago I had my appendix removed and was paid absolutely NOTHING for it. I have heard stories of out for a night on the town and then waking up in a bathtub full of ice missing a kidney but I thought that was just a myth. Until I went to East Ridge Hospital. I went to with my body fully intact only to wake up appendix-less.

What’s worse is they didn’t give me a dime for it… not a dime. Terrible.

And now it’s getting worse. Over the last week I have been receiving lots of different bills in the mail for the procedure they did. WHAT??? Not only did they not pay me for the “goods” they took, they now want to try to charge me for “services” they completed?

First of all, if they were so proud of the services they were providing, why did they dope me up and put me to sleep so that I couldn’t see or hear anything that was happening? Exactly!

But they can’t outsmart me… To counteract their constant sending of separate bills, each seeming to increase exponentially in value, I have planted a giant, crazy, fast-growing flowery vine to cover up my mailbox. If the mailman can’t see it he won’t be able to deliver my medical bills. It’s a pretty foolproof plan.

If it doesn’t work I guess I’ll have to get a huge hide-a-key rock.

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