Photo of the Day- 15september2008


I play soccer on Monday nights. Tonight my grandma, mom, and aunt came to watch. I told my mom our team’s name was Super Duper Incredible Amazings. She said, “GO AMAZINGS!!!!” all night long and it was great.

I play goalkeeper because I hurt my knee 13 times about 2 years ago. Not all at once, that’s ridiculous, I hurt it and then every 2-3 weeks I would re-hurt it. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I re-injured it in the shower bending down to wash my foot. At that point I retired via a MySpace Press Conference.

About a month ago I was thinking how I hadn’t injured it in a while and I figured it was time to get back out there. As goalkeeper. Less chance of me twisting my knee. Now I have only played keeper a few times. I started playing when I injured my knee the first time. Every time I would hurt it I would play keeper instead of in the field, which was admittedly a bad rehab strategy.

I am not very good at goalkeeping, I have never really been to a goalkeeper camp or anything and my basic strategy is that if I can’t catch it I just close my eyes and jump in front of it. Which explains how I get kicked in the face more than your average keeper.

Tonight the other team had a wide-open shot from about 15 feet away, which the guy just happened to nail right at me. My instinct screamed “MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!!! DUCK!!!!” but for some reason I ignored that and stood right in the line of fire. Instead of jerking my hands up to block it away I tried to catch the ball with my elbow pits and it just bounced off. It is now about 5 hours later and I still have the outline of that soccer ball tattooed on my elbow innards.

And, for those interested, we, as Paul put it, only lost half as bad as we did last week. (He is very impressed with me, I can just tell.)

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