Photo of the Day- 16september2008


This is my grandma’s dog. Her name is Summer. She is the sweetest most wonderful dog.

When she is not pooping on my floor. My grandma says that she doesn’t normally poop on the floor. When I say, “Uhh, grandma… your dog pooped on the floor…” she says, “What? Nooooo… it can’t be, she doesn’t do that.” Then I say, “Well, that’s awkward. If it’s not her then it has to be either you or grandpa because I didn’t start having random spots of poop on my hardwood floors until you got here.”

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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 16september2008”

  1. sister-sledge Says:

    ok, so grandma is totally playing it off cause those dogs poop all the time at her house upstairs. maybe that’s why she thinks they “never” do it cause she hardly ever goes up there and someone else always has to clean it up! lol!

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