Jesus is My Friend

Sometimes I get sad because I have no friends and then I remember the words of Sonseed…



Ahhh the early 80’s… back when Christian Rock was RIGHTEOUS!!!

NOTE: Make this FULL SCREEN it’s totally worth it!

Special thanks to Bill Mack for bringing this to my attention.

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3 Responses to “Jesus is My Friend”

  1. Julie Says:

    Ahhhh the 80’s Christian music….please find some stryper or petra in the future. I will break out my leg warmers for that!

  2. Zach Wyatt Says:

    What is most hilarious about this is I found this video the other day and I immediately thought of you. I am not kidding. Something about the way the guy plays the guitar. I don’t know

  3. Zach Wyatt Says:

    Oh, and make sure to check out the Renewed Minds Dance team on Youtube. Quality stuff- very progressive.

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