Photo of the Day- 18september2008

Jim Wind is My Friend.

Tonight Maggie and I were hanging out downtown, walking around Coolidge Park and we kept hearing the most… distinctive singing (I can’t say bad, some of them might see this…). It was coming from a patio of a small building near Subway. We thought it was the worst band in the history of life, but it turned out to be karaoke.

We went in and hung out for a while and we made friends with a punk rock band, a 70 year old cowboy, a homeless guy, sheep and wolves, and Nick in his REALLY tight Titans jersey. The 70 year old cowboy was Jim Wind. He said we could remember his name because “You’ve got a friend in Jim Wind”.

And we did, he even dedicated a song to us. It was an old Merle Haggard song, “If We Make It Through December”. It was about cold weather and getting laid off from the factory and not having enough money for Christmas. Really, I think he just dedicated it to us because it was the song he was gonna sing anyway. I think. I hope.

Anyway, we got a picture with him. We only had Maggie’s camera to take a picture with, which seems like it would be convenient but ended up not being. It took about 7 tries to get this blurry fuzzy picture. I guess in addition to being “distinctive” singers they also all seemed to be really bad picture takers.

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