Photo of the Day- 22september2008

Post Game Wrap Up.

To quote the great Danny Glover, “I am too old for this crap!” That is the edited for tv version… which is the only one you kids should watch ;-)

I played in 2 soccer games tonight and I only got kicked in the face with the ball sevenish times. And I think that finally, FINALLY Paul Barys thinks I’m only kind of a tool! WOOO-WHOO!!! Steps in the right direction.

After the game I got home I showered and started putting Icy Hot on the places that were already sore and then wrapping them in Ace bandages. When I was done I looked at my cat who was hissing, partly because she was freaked out by me and how I looked, but mostly because she had bumped up against me when I was putting it on and being the neat freak she is she started to immediately try to clean it off… she had Icy Hot tongue and was none to happy about it!

Anyway, I looked in the mirror and I was, well, I was a mummy. Ridiculous. I never used to be this old.

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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 22september2008”

  1. Nancy J. Reed Says:

    Thought this was going to be a pre-Halloween piece. Save the gauze . . . great costume. I am FINALLY putting it together. Maggie is Paul Barys daughter! Little slow on the uptake . . . can’t get the “tool” reference. Oh well, whatever, P.B. knows you are a catch for his daughter, tool or not.

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