Photo of the Day- 26september2008

Knight at the Murder Mystery Theater.

Tonight Maggie and I went to the Murder Mystery Theater in Downtown Chattanooga. It is an interactive dinner theater where we help figure out who is the murderer. Our show was “Mystery of Flight 138.” It was a lot of fun. Maggie got called on stage as a passenger and ended up having to fend off the stewardess and pilot with a rolled up paper. Funny stuff.

I got picked to play the father in the re-enactment of a guy asking his girlfriend to marry him. I was supposed to be super cool and tough. I had this ridiculous molded nerf Elvisy hair and a leather jacket. His girlfriend’s mom was up there too and in the scenario we just both happened to be single. There was dancing involved, which turned out to be funny not because I did a funny dance but because I danced how I really dance.

Good times.

And that knight in the picture… yeah, he was alive. ALIVE! We took like 5 pictures because the guy couldn’t get his flash to work right and on the 6th he told us to rub the knight like it was a genie’s lamp and when we did it jumped and scared the crap out of us.

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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 26september2008”

  1. Kristyl Roberts Says:

    Knowing your state yesterday. I hope it didn’t really scare the crap out of you!!

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