Photo of the Day- 02october2008

White Lightening.

So today I got run over by a truck. It was a big white Chevy pickup called White Lightening and it was driven by my fellow Senior Adult chaperone Bill Mack.

True Story.

We were filming another video for the Children’s Worship service at church, one that after a few rewrites ended with me getting run over by a big white truck. You’d think with me being a co-producer things like this wouldn’t happen…

Right BEFORE the truck DROVE OVER ME!

Right AFTER the truck DROVE OVER ME!

The final result…

Special kudos to David Apps in the Ridiculous Production makeup department.

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3 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 02october2008”

  1. Nancy J. Reed Says:

    Thanks for the chuckle . . . sorry, the tire marks on your forehead didn’t look too authentic; but your inventiveness, imagination and sense of humor sure are!


  2. Trust Me « Says:

    […] Trust Me As you remember, the other day I got ran over by a truck. (Don’t remember… click HERE) […]

  3. Mary A Says:

    I could’ve done a WAY better job with the make up on your face than David Apps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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