Photo of the Day- 04october2008

Milkshake Mustache

Today Chad, Shepherd, and I went across the mountain to Whitwell, Tennessee. It’s pronounced “Whut- Wool” and is about 30 miles away on the freeway or 2 coats back if you go through the wardrobe.

That was a Narnia joke.

Not very good, I know, but that place is nuts. There are no cookie baking beavers or walking talking deer but there is something better… rednecks! We went there to see Chad’s dad, the one and only Denny Poe. On the way to Sybil’s house (Denny’s sister) in the pocket (I think that is Whitwell talk for “valley”) we stopped for lunch at the Dairy Bar which is a Whitwell landmark. It is right across from the out of business motel which oddly enough is also a Whitwell landmark. (There’s not a lot going on in Whitwell, so a an out of business motel and a Redneck Dairy Queen kinda stand out.)

Anyway, Denny Poe, who has still yet to decide what he wants Shepherd to call him (I suggested everything from Paw-Paw to Granpa Denny to Ralph), ordered a milkshake… which we then decided would be a good idea to feed to Shepherd. You let the guys loose for an afternoon on the town crazy things happen!

And, uhh, Hope, by “we” I mean they… THEY decided it would a be a good idea. I was in the bathroom. I had nothing to do with it. Nothing.

And in the spirit of full disclosure, by “town” I mean Whitwell.

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2 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 04october2008”

  1. Crystal Cox Says:

    Very disappointing Kevin. I was enjoying all the blogs until this.

  2. kevinthecoolguy Says:

    what? no, wait crystal, whutwull is a very lovely place full of very lovely people and delicious milkshakes.

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