Photo of the Day- 05october2008

Cult Girlfriend.

Today we went down to the Chattanooga Market to be a part of the community, look at art, buy produce, and listen to the live music as well as to eat wings. Okay, we went there just to eat wings.

They had a Wing Contest. It was just between restaurants although we thought it would be fun if it was just a bunch of random dudes cooking special secret family recipe wings. The way it worked was that you bought a ticket and you got to go through the line and get one of each of the wings and then at the end you dropped your ticket in the box of the place you thought had the best wings.

There were a lot of good wings there… a lot of HOT wings. That brings me to my cult girlfriend… I needed something to drink. We went to the Yellow Deli booth and got some delicious sweet tea. For those who don’t know, Yellow Deli is a cult started here in Chattanooga about 30 years ago. They own a deli and they are really friendly. That’s my Cult Girlfriend, Nevia and her mom Prisca.

She was really nice. And pretty. And she dressed like Laura Ingles. And she makes good sandwiches and sweet tea. She’s perfect, it’s like we both went on and answered all the questions the exact same!

We are going to get married and dress like Little House on the Prairie and have babies who call us “Ma” and “Pa” and live happily ever after!

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5 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 05october2008”

  1. liza Says:

    I am not coming to your wedding. I will not make your cult wedding cake either.

  2. kevinthecoolguy Says:

    oh come on liza, please make our cake. i’ll put in a good word for you and maybe you can have a little dessert stand in the deli.

  3. liza Says:


  4. Nancy J. Reed Says:

    Now you made Liza jealous . . . how many girlfriends do you have? Pa Ingles wouldn’t approve, but with a hat and suspenders you could at least look the part. Your girlfriend is so pretty without fancy, faddy clothes and hair. Take her out and buy her a whole wardrobe of Laura Ingles duds.

  5. paul the artist Says:

    i thought that the original article was complimentary in a slightly mocking vein. if i were she, i would have been more upset with you taking my picture and then putting it on the internet (assuming you didn’t ask) and using it to entertain others. well, that’s just me playing the devil’s advocate. if you were to take my picture at the market and if you were able to find anything remotely funny about my persona, i would laugh along with you…unless, of course, it came a bit too close to the truth, and then i would confront you the next time you came to salivate over my artwork. just sayin’.

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