Photo of the Day- 07october2008

Thank You For Being A Friend.

Today was the October Senior Adult Luncheon. I love the Senior Adults, they are so fun to hang out with, they are like retired teenagers. We get together the first Tuesday of every month and hang out, eat lunch, and there is usually some kind of entertainment. Today we had this really big deal operatic singer who is a composer, professor, and touring singer who was accompanied by a world class pianist, both of whom I have never heard of… both their names were Robert something, I remember that.

Anyway, for some reason I thought that today it would be a good idea to sing them a song. I picked the Golden Girls’ theme song, “Thank You For Being A Friend.” I was gonna get up there and talk about what a great time we had on the Senior Adult Fall Retreat last week and then I would sing them this song they inspired that “I wrote.”

I realized, just before I went up there, that telling them I wrote this song was probably not a good idea because they would take me seriously and then in 3 months they would be watching tv and Golden Girls would come on and they would hear the song and think, “Oh my goodness! That is Kevin’s song on the tv!!” and then that would create a real awkward conversation for me the next Sunday.

That’s where my rational logic ran out. I should have also realized that I am not a very good singer. That I might be a great singer in the shower with the radio blasting, but alone, in front of a crowd, with only background instrumentals I am no Josh Grobin. In fact, I am no Adam Sandler.

Long story short, it went really badly. I was really off key and my timing was ridiculous. I was way faster than the music. Luckily a lot of the Senior Adults can’t hear very well so they just laughed and clapped assuming that I was funny and that I sang well. The ones that could hear were completely appalled. When I got back to my table one guy pointed at the big pumpkin decoration in the middle of the table and said, “That was awful, if I could have lifted that and thrown it at you like a tomato I would have.”

Aww, thanks, thank you…. Thank YOU for being a friend…

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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 07october2008”

  1. Kristyl Roberts Says:

    Don’t beat yourself up! It was bad, but not that bad. And you are right, most of the senior adults assumed it was great. But then again, they think everything you do is great. They love you and I think they are lucky to have you for a friend!!

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