Photo of the Day- 10october2008- 4 o’clock hour

NOTE: Just coming across these Photos of the Day Hour? Don’t start at the end of the day… start at the BEGINNING.

For those less technically savvy… click HERE.

Are you a shark? Click HERE.

Kevin… Kevin… Heeellllooooo….

As the 4 o’clock hour rolled around I examined my day. I’m no math major but even I could figure that even if i did nothing for the rest of my work day I could never bring my average down to 15-20%… I mean, the Photo of the Day Hour took at least 30% of my day’s effort alone.

So by just slightly after 4 o’clock there was really only one thing I could do…

If this video doesn’t show up on your computer…

Click HERE.

That’s right… I snuck out early! And now after a long day at work I am going home to take a well deserved nap!

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