Photo of the Day- 10october2008- 9 o’clock hour

Photo of the Day Hour- 9 o’clock


The “Crazy” Kids.

We have a Childcare Development Center here at the church, we call it the CDC which I understands sounds like the Center for Disease Control, but is not. We see the kids walking around all the time, and most of the time they give me a hard time. Today as they were walking by the office they were all calling me “Crazy.”

Like everyone one of them.


“Hehe… crazy.”


“HAHAHAA!!! Crazy!”

“haha.. you crazy.”

And on and on. All in all about 10 different 4 year olds called me crazy. Meredith, their teacher, tried to act like it was all their idea, but I’m not so sure…

They ended up coming in and staying and hanging out with us for about 20 minutes. I learned all of their names and what they want to do for a living in when they grow up. There was this one girl who I could never quite understand when she said her name. I said, “Mermaid Olivia??” and she said, “Yes.”

After they left I thought, How cool would it be if her name was actually Mermaid Olivia!

Pictured: Left To Right: Aidan, Van Thornton (he’s a prince), Nick, Nichole, Sophia, Kristyl, Mermaid Olivia, Gaston, Madison, Kevin, and Cameron.

Not PIctured: Vada and Miss Meredith 

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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 10october2008- 9 o’clock hour”

  1. Callen Sauls Says:

    “Mermaid Olivia” is actually Madelyn….but her middle name is Olivia. And she does love Disney princesses–so I’m sure being called something similar to Ariel just made her day.

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