Photo of the Day- 11october2008

Happy Birthday Chad Poe.

Today is Chad Poe’s birthday. His in-laws came in from Mississippi to see hi… Shepherd. They came to see Shepherd.

Anyway, they thought he was going to be out of town and they were gonna do it as a birthday gesture. But he wasn’t. They had planned to clean out, weed, and remulch the flower beds and since he was in town he got to help. Happy Birthday Chad Poe!

They told him he didn’t have to help, that he could just sit inside but he didn’t want to feel like a jerk so he helped. Hearing this cracked me up! I had been running down at the Riverpark and when I got done I had a text from Chad saying, “Come help in the yard!” to which I answered “ON THE WAY!”

We were both joking.

When I got home I pulled my Jeep in the garage and then I looked over and couldn’t help laugh that Chad was helping in the flower beds on his birthday. He caught me laughing and taking pictures so I went over. We were laughing and talking and before I knew it I was weeding too.

He said it could be my birthday present to him. I told him I was already planning on getting him a really cool Sun Drop t-shirt. Then his father-in-law said that we could both go inside and watch the football game.

We both said, “No, no, we don’t mind to help.”

I understand why Chad didn’t want his father-in-law to think he was lazy but why did I care, I’m just the next door neighbor…

Just kidding, it was my pleasure to help…

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2 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 11october2008”

  1. Zach Says:

    While only still pictures, that is the hardest I’ve ever seen Chad work. One day I was out with Chad and Jeremy and my car broke down so Jeremy and I got out to fix the problem while Chad sat in the car on his cell phone, telling us what a good job we were doing. Also, it was raining.

  2. liza Says:

    you are such a good neighbor.

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