I am back from Florida, but I am technically still on vacation so I am not updating until tomorrow.

I didn’t have a cell phone signal or internet access while I was there so I am behind on the Photo of the Day but fear not, I have a photo from each day ready to be posted. Special greetings to all the new readers from Florida including Shaquille O’Neal.

Hey Shack!

Hey Staci from Captain Anderson’s!

Hey Bosnian girl from Alvin’s who is probably still confused as to why I wanted to buy something “alive” as a souvenir for Tony.

Anyway, I have a few more hours of vacation to finish up. See ya!


2 Responses to “UPDATE”

  1. liza Says:

    Vacation is over.

  2. liza Says:

    Vacation has been over for DAYS and no pictures have been posted.

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