Photo of the Day- 25oktober2008


Tonight Lori and I went to Oktoberfest at The Chattanooga Market. It is just like “Octoberfest” but with a “k” instead of a “c”.

Anyway, it was fun; it was just like a regular Chattanooga Market but Germanyer. They had a cool Volkswagen musuem set up. They had German bands and Polka dancing. They also had lots of food. They had brat plates and brat sandwiches and brat-n-candy…. okay, they didn’t but that is a good idea…feel free to use that next year Chattanooga Market. We also had German Potato Salad. I’m not sure what makes it German, aside from the fact they spelled it “German Poktato Salad.”

I was really looking forward to it and I had a German costume to wear and everything. But she wouldn’t let me wear it. Or use my German accent.

But she did take my picture with Al who DID wear his German outfit. Check that out! LEDERHOSEN!

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