Photo of the Day- 28october2008


The Force.

Tonight was the Upward Awards Program for this fall’s soccer and football programs at Ridgedale Baptist. Along with games and prizes there was also entertainment. This year it was Ben Roy. He is the Bill Nye the Science Guy of Chattanooga. He does all kinds of experiments and blows stuff up.  The kids really liked it when he blew stuff up.

He also had a Tesla Machine.

When he first got there before the program while we were still getting set up he came up to me and said, “Hi, I’m Ben Roy and I’m the performer for tonight’s awards show… Is there a door close to the stage I can bring my stuff in?” “Uh, yeah, there are doors pretty much all over, what do you have, is it heavy, is it wide? Do you need double doors or is a single door okay?”

And the whole time I had no idea who he was, I figured he was the entertainment but I didn’t know what he did… I figured he was probably an illusionist.

So when he said, “Well, I’ve got a Tesla Machine,” I about freaked out. I had just watched The Prestige and if you have seen it you know that the Hugh Jackman magician character had a Tesla Machine and it made an exact duplicate of him every night to end the show.


Turns out it was just one of those balls of electricity things from Spencer’s or somewhere where you touch it and your hair stands up, kind of…. but more powerful. At the end of the show he let John Lemons, Rec Minister extraordinaire, hold a big, long flourescent light bulb while he shot out enough voltage to light it up. It was pretty awesome. We turned the lights down and the picture you see is what we saw.


If you have an Upward Awards Night or you think your grandma’s nursing home would like a cool science show from Chattanooga’s very own Bill Nye the Science Guy, you should definitely go to his website at

or click on the link below:

Chattanooga’s Bill Nye the Science Guy

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2 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 28october2008”

  1. Time Flus When You’re Having Fun « Says:

    […] hope you enjoy! (As always, don’t start at the end… start at the beginning […]

  2. John Lemons Says:

    Actually, that part of the show was when he let me whip out my lightsaber.

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