Time Flus When You’re Having Fun

So over the last 5 or 6 days I have either had the stomach flu or a parasite which I have named Pedro Paulo the Mexican.  Either way I am finally feeling better and have posted the Photos of the Days that I missed over the past few days.

I hope you enjoy! (As always, don’t start at the end… start at the beginning (28october2008).

Grandma, click HERE.

Haha! I just hypnotized you!!!

Grandma… cluck like a chicken.


Grandma, do the macarena.


No, I’m just kidding, grandma. At the count of three you will wake up and you will feel rested as if you have taken a long nap and you will remember nothing from when you were hypnotized… especially buying me an awesome iPod for Christmas. Okay, ready grandma…

One. and you’re getting more and more awake….

Two. and you’re opening your eyes and you are more and more awake…

aaaaaand Three!

Wait, is that gonna work? Oh crap… can someone in Texas please go unhypnotize my grandma.

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