Photo of the Day- 03november2008

Operation Buy My Appendix Back.

A couple of months ago I had appendicitis and had to have an appendectomy. I don’t have insurance so I didn’t really want to have the surgery but they said I had to. I tried to get them to cut the frills and extras like anesthesia (I promised I would lie really still and not move) and hospital gowns (I had a perfectly good pair of soccer shorts and a t-shirt that I felt way more comfortable in anyway) and they did cut some (I was offered absolutely NO pudding or ice cream) but even still, I ended up with a pretty significant medical bill.

So my pastor, feeling sorry for me because my job didn’t include insurance (or pay me enough to afford my own) came up with a way for me to make a little money to help pay that bill. He said, “We can have ‘The Kevin Show’ and people can buy tickets and you can use that money to pay your bills.”

“What is ‘The Kevin Show’?” I asked, confused.

“I don’t know, that’s up to you, just stand up there and be funny…”

“I…uhh…I…uhh…” I remember saying in response.

So now, this Sunday night, I am gonna try to get up there and be funny. Or slightly funny. Or not funny at all. It could be really great or it could be a disaster… either way I’d love it if you guys could be there. I don’t feel comfortable asking for money, so I won’t. Give me money, don’t give me money, I don’t care either way, I’d just love to have you to be there to cheer me on if it turns out good,  or to be there to make fun of me if it turns out to be a disaster. If I’m gonna get booed off stage I want you guys there to do it.

So I just reread that and that’s the weirdest invitation ever…

“Please come boo me off stage…”

Well it’s obvious I am a horrible promotional manager, let’s hope I’m a better comedian…


When: Sunday November 9th –6pm

Where: Ridgedale Baptist Church

Location: CLC (Christian Life Center… “The Gym”)

More Info: 499.0994 (Church Office)

My buddy Shannon Madden was cool enough to take a little time and make up a poster for me….












Yup, that’s me on The Operation board game. Kinda ridiculous, huh?

But kinda fitting, too, huh? I mean, I AM the most ridiculous person you know.

Hope to see you at the show!

If you want more information or want me to mention your name on stage, call my cell at 423.243.6536.

And for the record, I think it was actually John Q Lemons who came up with the idea, which he presented to the pastor, who then took the idea as his own.

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