Photo of the Day- 04november2008


Mennonite Mania.

Today at the Senior Adult Luncheon the youth choir from the Belvidere Mennonite Church in Belvidere, TN (Near Winchester in South Central Tennessee) came and sang a cappela for us. It was really good. The only instrument they had was their voices. And an electric guitar.

No, just kidding, they didn’t have an electric guitar.

My favorite part though was right before I introduced them to sing, one guy, his name was Paul, came over to me carrying a bag. He asked me if I could do him and favor and I said yes.  He said, “Can you take a few pictures of us while we are singing?” I had my camera on the table and so of course I said yes as I grabbed for it.

He said, “No, no, not with yours… with mine,” and he reached into his bag and pulled out his Nokia Quick Snap 10x zoom digital camera.

His camera was waaaaaaaaaay better than mine… and he was a Mennonite.

I think it is great when you have the pleasure of meeting people who completely smash the stereotypes you have in your head. Although Paul might just be a bad example of Mennonites, he was the only one with a digital camera.

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