Photo of the Day- 06november2008


The Hostess with the Mostest.

Today we ate lunch at Sticky Fingers. When we first got there the lobby was empty. There were a couple of guys sitting on a bench waiting for a couple more of their people to come in, but the hostess wasn’t anywhere around.  So David Apps (the church administrator) being the bad influence that he is, says, “Hey Kevin, why don’t you be hostess.”

So I did.

I got the menus, greeted everyone with the standard Sticky Fingers’ greeting (that I made up) and I even offered everyone balloons while they waited. I gave them a choice of who to sit with and they chose Mandy. Just as I was about to take them to table 32 the hostess walked up.

I was holding menus looking at the seating chart about to lead a group of guys to a table and she said, “Can I help you?”

I said, “Oh hi, I’m Kevin and I am training with you today. I was running a little bit late but I am here now. I’ve got this, you go ahead and take care of the togo order.”

She was really confused and all the guys laughed. She took the menus and sat us (in Mandy’s section), and then, judging by how the other employees kept staring at me as they walked by, went and made fun of me in their pre-shift meeting.

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