Photo of the Day- 07november2008


Panera Bread Friday Night.

Tonight I spent about 4 hours at Panera Bread. I was working on my material for Sunday Night. My plan was to cut down what I had to an hour. But instead of cutting stuff I kept adding stuff. I am pretty sure I have about five and a half hours now. For a one hour show.

Being there all Friday night with my computer out and papers and my notebook all spread all over the table I thought, Hey, I should get someone to take my picture and this can be my Photo of the Day. But then I started thinking, I’ve been here for three and a half hours, they are closing in 20 minutes, I’m not sure if asking the high school girl bisselling the bread crumbs from under the tables to take my picture is my best bet.

So I took a picture of the guy at the other table instead. He had been there for almost as long as I had, he had a computer, and a beard… it was close enough plus I wouldn’t be labeled a weirdo and banned from the Panera Bread.

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