Photo of the Day- 15november2008


Sing Karaoke with Mr Belding.

Seriously, you can sing Karaoke with Mr Belding. He is coming out with a karaoke album… which I didn’t even know is possible. It is an album where he sings 6 of his all-time favorite songs, which will be a treat. And then each of those 6 songs are on there without him singing (which will be even more of a treat) so that you can sing karaoke to them.

I know what you are thinking, It sounds too good to be true!

Well it’s not! And do you want some even more too good to be true news???

For everyone who lives in Chattanooga and the surrounding areas you have the chance to sing karaoke LIVE with Mr Belding at the Northgate Mall FYE on December 16th!!! This is TRUE!!! I have this from a very reliable source and for sure will be there myself!

For everyone who does not live in Chattanooga… get your airline tickets booked NOW for Decemeber 16th!!!! Chattanooga Airport offers several non-stop flights from cities all over the country everyday! Chattanooga Airport: It’s fast, convenient, and only 7 minutes from Northgate Mall!!!

And just to give you guys a little taste of the joy you are in for, here is a video of Mr Belding singing at Dimples, his local karaoke bar in Burbank, California…

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