Photo of the Day- 16november2008


Firehouse Chili Cook Off

Today Lori and I went to the Firehouse Chili Cook Off at The Chattanooga Market. It was glorious. You bought a ticket and then you went to each of the different firehouse’s table and got a cup of their chili… and at the end you got to vote on the best.

As Chattanooga Market veterans we had a system. We’ve already been through the Wing Competition, the Ice Cream Competition, and the President of the United States Competition… okay, that wasn’t technically a Chattanooga Market competition, but you get my point…. we are veterans.

Anyway, we started at one end and worked our way to the other. We took this very seriously. VERY. In between each station we would cleanse our palates with water and sweet tea we brought from home and we completely licked clean our special plastic chili spoons so as to not cross contaminate. We were for serious.

Well, I was a little more serious than Lori. In between each station she had to wait on me as I made notes about the bouquet and overall flavor of each bowl of chili as well as rate each chili on taste and hotness. At the end I added up the two scores and the firehouse with the highest score winning.

Mathematically it ended up being a tie between Firehouse #1 and Firehouse #19. It came down to a tie-breaker…. which was my notes. Firehouse #19 was hotter but Firehouse #1 had a better overall taste. Soooo… we voted for Firehouse #1.

UPDATE: And according to Fox 61 News at 10… news when you need it…. Firehouse #1 ended up winning. Because of me and Lori. You’re welcome Firehouse #1.

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2 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 16november2008”

  1. Nancy Reed Says:

    Glad you keep me posted on everything that is going on in the area . . . I guess Lori is your girl, and a lucky one she is.

  2. Greg Says:

    We have several guys from church that work at Station #1, I will let them know you and Lori were the ones that put them over the top!!

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