Photo of the Day- 18november2008


Immunity Necklace.

Times are tough… EVERYWHERE! This week in Staff Meeting Brother Bill announced that because of the tough economy we would need to cut one staff position and because he was all about fairness it would be decided in our very own mini-season of Survivor that he was calling Survivor: Staff Meeting.

Every week during staff meeting, just like on Survivor, we will compete in competitions for reward and immunity and at the end we will vote someone off. Brother Bill announced that he would play the part of Jeff Probst…. which means he cannot be voted off.

I mentioned that if we played Survivor like this and voted someone off every week instead of only getting rid of one person, it would only leave one person, and he said, “Yeah, no, that’s what I meant? What did I say? Hahaha… Oh, no, yeah, I meant that we would play Survivor and whoever is left is the only one who would still have a job.”


Luckily for me I have seen every episode of Survivor. I already have 4 different alliances and have promised the final 2 to pretty much everyone.

Here is Chad casting his vote at Tribal Council…



(the sound is really bad… sorry)

Congratulations to Bill Mack for winning the Immunity Necklace. Today we could not vote for him. Unfortunately we did have to vote off someone… and sorry Lana, Madison, Megan, Macy, and Monica…. today it was Tony.

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    […] Week One saw Bill Mack win the immunity necklace and Chad make an early bold power move leading up the charge to vote off Tony. […]

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