Photo of the Day- 19november2008

Extreme Makeover: Potato Edition.

Today I was visiting the 4 year old CDC class at church (my favorite class!). It was play time when I dropped in and they were playing House… yes, I meant to capitalize that… because they were not playing house they were playing House… like House, MD….


They got us in a tv mood so Cameron thought he would play Ty Pennington and do his version of Extreme Makeover: Home EditionExtreme Makeover: Potato Edition.

Here is the Before…


Now here is the After…

“Bus Driver… MOVE! THAT! (miniature webbles yellow school) BUS!”









We were on a limited budget so we were not able to make over the potato’s left ear, arm, or foot.

And I guess if you really wanna be the TV Guide tv critic you could point out that the potato’s nose is crooked and his right arm is really his left arm on backwards.

But you should probably just let it slide because after all the show is produced by 4 year olds. Like Director Extraordinaire, Ashton…


He took a moment away from listening to the playback on the monitor to pose for this picture.

I can’t wait until tomorrow when we do our version of 24!

The following takes place between 1 P.M. and 2 P.M.







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