Photo of the Day- 22november2008

Coach K.

This week I was told I will not get a Christmas bonus, received a pay decrease, and had to work on my only day off. It was one of those weeks… yet I can truly say I love my job more than ever and still have the most fun life of anyone I know.

Today we did the 4th Annual Turkey Bowl flag football tournament across the street at The Meadows. It was 22 degrees when we got there at 9am. 22 degrees. I have got to look into writing in  a “temperature clause” into my contract… 22 degrees.

I wanted to just stay snuggled up in bed but I was the coach so I HAD to be there. I decided if I was gonna go stand out in sub-freezing temperatures for 4 or 5 hours that I was gonna have fun. I was gonna be ridiculous and go all out. Despite the facts that I knew none of the rules of flag football and the one and only game I had ever seen was an intramural girls game that Lori and her friends played in when she was in PT school at UTC a couple of years ago, I was gonna give it my all.


Note the headset and the clipboard, the crouched stance and the steely gaze. I was serious.

I was screaming out numbers and “plays” and I was doing all kinds of hand signals and I was trying to say coachy things, most of which I had adapted from my soccer  terminology, like mark up and don’t use your hands.

This is me giving the team a pep talk before the game…


Basically I was letting them know that no matter what they had achieved so far, or what they might achieve in the future, that today, these games, would be the most important moments of their lives.

We took a team photo. It turned out pretty good. This is me coaching them on taking the team photo…


And I am glad I did… Look how mean we ended up looking in our team photo…


Dang we look mean. (It kinda looks like Tyler is smiling but he’s not. The sun was in his eyes. Even still, I made him run a couple of laps.)

I wasn’t just coaching and encouraging the stars of our team, I was also encouraging the walk-ons.


This is John, our recreation minister and our walk-on 3rd string quarterback. I had been drawing up different plays and trying to get him to memorize them, but we didn’t really connect until I drew the plays where the offensive players were the smiley faces and the defensive players were the sad faces.

Needless to say, he never got in the game.

Overall we had a really positive experience and really have something to build off for next season. We were 1-1 and really improved as the day went on, ending with a HUGE goal-line stand to save the game!

I think, even with my limited experience with flag football and the fact that I knew none of the rules, that I did an okay job coaching. I did bring a set of those Groucho Marx nose and glasses for the team to wear if I embarrassed them.

And Mary Allyson was the only one who felt it necessary to wear them as she left…


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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 22november2008”

  1. Nancy J. Reed Says:

    Hi Kevin,
    22 brrrrrrrrrrrrr degrees – where was your ‘boggin?

    The fact that you love your job is so much more important than money . . . even though it can get pretty rough without enough of it. The work that you are doing does – that’s why you love it- and will continue to provide many blessings for you.

    I leave for Ohio tomorrow to visit my sister for about a month, so my granddaughter Alisha will be coming by the church to pick up my copy of your CD.

    Much love to you this holiday season. I will always be grateful for the love and care you gave my Erin.
    Erin’s Gramma

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