Photo of the Day- 23november2008


Chili Bowl.

Tonight was Chili Bowl 2008 at RBC. It is a night where we cook lots and lots and lots of chili and we get together and play flag football and eat chili. It is a glorious event, one which should take place at least once a year in your life. If you do not a have an event such as this in your life I invite you to come to Chili Bowl 2009 at RBC.

You have a year’s notice, I suggest you use it to perfect your chili… because we had some very, very good chili this year. We had some hot chili, some SUPER hot chili, some Mexican chili with cilantro, lime wedge, and Mexican cheese garnish chili, we had some beany chili, we had some beefy chili… we had some GOOOOOOD chili!

And lots of it. Each of us tried our best to eat a bowl of every pot we had (I think I had 7) and at the end of the night everyone was gathered around and a winner was announced. No, really, a winner was announced.

I know, I know, with Upward Basketball and Upward Football and Upward Soccer and the like, people start to think that if a church is involved then everyone wins and everyone gets a trophy. Well, this was no Upward Chili Cook-Off, this was a serious chili contest with winners and losers. And second places. Hope Poe and Erin Daugherty joined forces and brought out all the stops but came up just short and were awarded 2nd place.

When told of her second place achievement Hope said, “What? 2nd? Who voted? How did I get 2nd? My chili was really good. REALLY good. THE BEST. Whatever, they’re stupid.”

The winner, a relative newcomer to the Chili Cook-Off Circuit, was the maker of the “Man-Made Meatacular” chili. It was the most delicious chili west of the Mississippi. And yes, I meant “west”… I mean that it was the best starting at the Mississippi River and going west to California, then across the ocean to Hawaii, to China, through the Middle East and Africa and Europe, across the Atlantic, to the East Coast and back here to Chattanooga. The “Man-Made Meatacular” was judged to be the Best of the Best, Better Than All The Rest, and as such was awarded the prize of BEST Chili Bowl Chili 2008.

When interviewed, the chef said, “The recipe called for 1 pound of ground beef, I put 3. Not on purpose of course, but by accident, for some reason I thought it said 3. Anyway, it worked out okay, I guess.”

“I’d say,” the reporter said. “Do you think this will make your Photo of the Day?”

“It’s got a good chance,” I… he… the winning chef said.

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2 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 23november2008”

  1. Kristyl Roberts Says:

    Just think 12 cloves of garlic instead of 2 just might have ruined this masterpiece!! I love when I get to perform a garlic Intervention!! Woo Hoo!!

  2. Photo of the Day- 29nov2009 « Says:

    […] It is by far my favorite chili event of the year. And I am not just saying that because I am the 2008 Chili Cook-Off Champion, I just really, really like eating […]

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