Photo of the Day- 25november2008


Cracker Barrel Checkers.

Today after staff meeting we ate at Cracker Barrel. As you know Tuesdays have become Survivor: Staff Meeting at Ridgedale. Tough economic times have forced tough us into tough situations. For example, last week unfortunately we voted Tony off… we hated to do it, but it had to be done. Tony is a good man and he will be sorely missed.

This week the immunity challenge came down to me and John. We were playing checkers by the Cracker Barrel fireplace to see who would win the ultimate prize of this week’s immunity necklace. It wasn’t really that stressful because John and I are in an alliance and we had already decided who we were going to be voting off.

Nevertheless, credit must be given, John did completely out play me. The game was over when I still had 4 or 5 checkers left but we had to play through the motions of me moving my checker into position so his checkers could jump over them.

After lunch… you never vote someone off on an empty stomach, it’s just not Christ-like, we all gathered around the Cracker Barrel fireplace and had tribal council.  The vote was close and will most surely be a turning point in the game for our alliance. WIth a vote of 4-3, Dr Price was voted out of Survivor: Staff Meeting.

Dr Price is a wonderful man and will be surely missed around camp, but he was just too smart. His being voted out should be looked at as a his being respected and in no way a reflection of him personally or his work ethic.

For those who don’t know, Dr Price, or Dr Jim as we often call him, is the head of Summit Counseling Center and as with most counselors he has a way of digging information out of you. Around camp he always seemed to get us to open up.

“It’s weird without Tony around,” one of us would say, and he would say, “Yes, so how does that make you feel?”

And we would tell him.

“I didn’t win immunity,” we’d complain, and he would say, “Yes, but are you upset because you didn’t win or because you are afraid of being rejected or ‘voted off’?”

And we would tell him.

He was simply building up too much information and thus he had to go. We will surely miss you around Dr Jim…


“The tribe has spoken,” Brother Bill, playing the part of Jeff Probst, said as he dumped sawmill gravy on Dr Jim’s torch and then turned to us and continued, “That was a very big surprise, the votes were unexpectedly divided. It’s getting interesting… You can grab your things and head back to church.”

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    […] Week Two saw Dr Jim, because of his knowledge of both the physiology and the psychology of how the mind works and his amazing ability to get us to tell him “how that made us feel,” get voted off. He was voted off out of respect. That and we were scared of him. […]

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