Photo of the Day- 26november2008


Quiet on the Set!

So today Crash and I spent the day shooting an infomercial for my standup comedy special The Kevin Show LIVE dvd. It was released last Tuesday November 18th… along with Tropical Thunder, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, and Wall-E.

Needless to say DVD buyers were a bit distracted from my DVD release because of the media blitz from the big 3 released on the same day. I thought that I owed it to my DVD (and to my doctors to whom I still owe thousands of dollars) to try to create my own media blitz.

I kept asking myself what Stephen Speilberg would do, but I didn’t start making progress until I started considering what Billy Mays would do.

He would make an infomercial. Billy Mays would for sure make a screaming, yelling, all kinds of exciting infomercial.

So therefore I would make an infomercial. If Billy Mays could sell a gagillion bedazzlers to a world 10 years past thinking… well bedazzling anything was cool, then I could sell a dvd of my LIVE comedy show to help pay on my medical bills…. Right?

I mean, that makes sense, right? I mean, I have a beard, I can be excited with the best of them, and my dvd is definitely versatile.

Don’t believe it? Well, check it out for yourself:

For more info on The Kevin Show DVD and FAQ go to or click HERE!

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