Photo of the Day- 27november2008

Happy Thanksgiving 2008!!

Normally I only have one Photo of the Day, but today, as a day characterized by overindulgence, I am going to have two or three or thirteen Photos of the Day…

Okay, we better get started…

Today was The 8th Annual Grateful Gobbler. It is a walk/run to benefit the homeless held early Thanksgiving morning in downtown Chattanooga. Here I am at the starting line…




I take non-competitive benefit walks very seriously.

I have a rule in my life: If a group of people are posing for a picture, I must take their picture.


Those elderly women rocked it out! They were ahead of us the whole time. I asked them if they were racing each other they said no, but I am pretty sure they were.

We had a pretty good group there…


The Lemons Family was there but they only get half credit for the walk because two of the four did not technically walk.


The Poe’s were there as well with Hope rocking out the baby sling…


Which apparently was very comfortable because Shepherd was knocked out pretty much the whole time…


The McClaughlen’s were there as well…


This picture is out of focus which is ironic because Chara and the boys lacked focus the whole time, many times stopping to talk with people they knew, which threatened to drop the group finish average.

If I had a wider shot you would see Hunter bundled up, carrying nothing, sipping on his latte, which was unintentionally very funny. Especially when Chara was struggling up several steep hills along the course of the race.

This is Kelly Smith…


I don’t know her but I felt she deserved to make it because she juggled the WHOLE walk. It was pretty awesome.

The focus of the walk is to benefit the Homeless Coalition here in Chattanooga and on my way home I was lucky enough to run into my homeless friend Rob and his friend Billy…


I used to see Rob when I worked for ACT on the Northshore. I did a multimedia painting of him including materials such as acrylic paint, plaster, a jump rope, acorns, map pencils, coconut husks, and a thrift store hat among many others…


With the focus being on helping the homeless it was awesome to be able to run into an old friend and make a new one. We hung out for a little bit and since Krystal was closed (Kenny!), we ran up to the convenience store to grab something for Thanksgiving Lunch.

Speaking of Thanksgiving Lunch, I went to eat at The Leonards.


Notice how they were all wearing blue shirts. Their grandparents and I discussed this and we decided they did this just to emphasize that while we are welcome there for lunch, we are definitely outsiders.


The fact that they made me eat in the other room by myself further emphasized this point.

The Grateful Gobbler completed (and while technically a “non-competitive event” I am proud to say that I finished 1,967th) and my belly full, I thought I was off to the house for a good long tryptophan induced nap.

But I couldn’t have been more wrong. For those who don’t know, Tony Leonard is my boss, and as such he makes me do the things he does not want to do. In this case, Black Friday being tomorrow, he did not want to stand in line at Ashley Furniture for his wife so she could get a couch for only a hundred bucks.

So he made me do it.

But over the last year he has stressed that I work smarter, not harder.


Ghost Man. Now THAT is working smarter not harder.

And FIRST in line! Now on to that well-deserved nap…



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