Photo of the Day- 30november2008


Jimmy Popped Corn and I Don’t Care.

I don’t even really like popcorn to tell you the truth. I don’t hate it but I have never purchased it at the store and I don’t ever get it at the movies. And I for sure don’t like making it.

All that said, we made a ton of popcorn tonight at church.

We were having a movie night and we were showing the movie “Noelle” in the CLC (gym). We were bringing lawnchairs and blankets and cokes and candies and we were going to have a great time. Popcorn was supposed to happen but I was not supposed to be involved. Somehow popcorn didn’t happen like it was supposed to and I became involved.

People kept asking me about the popcorn. ME. They were asking me… and I was telling them that I was not in charge of popcorn. This did not seem to change the fact that they wanted me to get them popcorn. Caught up in the moment, David volunteered me to get popcorn.

And so for the next hour and a half we cleaned a dirty, dirty popcorn machine from the youth building, lugged it to the CLC, made approximately 319 batches of popcorn, made up approximately 10,000 bags of popcorn, distributed them, cleaned everything up, and watched zero minutes of the movie.

And my favorite part is that Scott (that’s Scott there on the far left side) took the popcorn to the people in the gym as they were watching the movie each time a fresh batch got ready and got ALL the credit as the Popcorn Hero.

He kept saying that he didn’t want any of the credit, which was really nice, but then we heard him in the gym saying, “POPCORN! Who wants POPCORN!?!? I am Scott Leach and I have POPCORN!”

NOTE: I am not in this picture because I am taking the picture.

Special Thanks to Chad Poe for his dedication to quality control. Chad tasted at least half a bag from every batch made to make sure that the popcorn that Scott Leach was serving was up to the standards people have come to expect at Movie Night at Ridgedale Baptist.


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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 30november2008”

  1. billmac Says:

    … And they said it couldn’t be done, but this feat was nothing for Kevin of the Korn, the Colonel of Cornucopia, the Prince of Pop… none other than Big K! I for one am thankful for the ad hoc corn committee who feed the multitude…

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