Photo of the Day- 01december2008

Lettuce and Light Ranch in a Wild Wing World.

Today Chad started a diet. I am not sure if it was planned or if it was in response to the popcorn pictures from yesterday, but either way, today he was on a diet.

Today was also David Apps’s birthday. David is the our administrator and everyone’s boss. He never really talks about how is our boss, but I guess he doesn’t really need to when he makes us call him things like “sir” and “Mr. Apps” and “boss”. Anyway, like I was saying, today was Mr. Apps’s birthday and we let him choose where he wanted to eat. He chose Buffalo Wild Wings.

We all love Buffalo Wild Wings, it’s one of our favorite places to go. Chad especially loves Buffalo Wild Wings and he was excited to go… until he remembered his diet started today.

He talked about not getting wings, but none of us believed him. We had never been there and Chad not get wings but he was saying he wasn’t getting wings. He said he was getting a salad.

Of course we made fun of that.

Chad is one to get on people for not “manning up” and getting hot wings like “wild” or “blazing” wings. He really makes fun of people who get boneless wings… so today, when he was talking about ordering a salad we really let him have it. He was kinda playing along and was taking it pretty well…

And then his salad came out…


As you can see Chad is none to happy about it.

And Greg still can’t believe it’s happening.

Chad’s review of the Buffalo Wild Wings’ Naked Tenders Salad…

“The light ranch tastes like dirty milk covered worms.”



Photo of the Day Honorable Mention


Mini-Christmas Concert.

The “mini,” of course, refers to the midget choir.

Just kidding, that is The 4 Year Old Class’s Choir. They put on a mini Christmas concert for the Women’s Mission Group meeting in the Ridgedale Room. They sang several songs and did their hand motions and overall were pretty awesome.

When they got done I wanted them to continue singing so I suggested that we sing Happy Birthday.

They weren’t too sure about it because they weren’t sure about whose birthday it was… but I pushed through this small technicality and when I started singing they were all on board! We ended up singing Happy Birthday to “the person whose birthday it is today wherever you are in the world”.

Which turned out to be David. My boss. Who did not eat a salad at Buffalo Wild Wings.

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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 01december2008”

  1. Liza Says:

    The look on Chad’s face continues to make me laugh.

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