Photo of the Day- 02december2008

Previously on Survivor…

Due to the poor economy and budget cuts we as a staff at Ridgedale Baptist Church are cutting back… including a staff position. Since Brother Bill loves us all and doesn’t want any of us to leave, the only fair thing to do was to turn it into a game of Survivor.

Week One saw Bill Mack win the immunity necklace and Chad make an early bold power move leading up the charge to vote off Tony.

Click on Chad’s face to see him vote at Tribal Council…


Week Two saw Dr Jim, because of his knowledge of both the physiology and the psychology of how the mind works and his amazing ability to get us to tell him “how that made us feel,” get voted off. He was voted off out of respect. That and we were scared of him.

Now… for Week Three.

Survivor: Staff Meeting

Today was tense. With Tony, an early favorite to win, and Dr Jim, mind-melting master that he was, getting voted off already, we all knew that anyone could go at any time. Anyone but Brother Bill that is, he was still safe in his Jeff Probst-ness.

The Staff Meeting started with our morning devotion and coffee. We were also treated to Hardees sausage and biscuits (apparently they are a corporate sponsor). We moved quickly into the Reward Challenge. It was a game of Name That Tune: Christmas Edition… a game you’d think our music minister Michael Johnson would dominate but apparently John Lemons saved that iTunes gift certificate I got him for his birthday and he used it all on Christmas carols because he wiped us out.

The reward, a mystery trip, was revealed after he had chosen someone to go with him. He chose Chad and they jumped in the helicopter and away they went to the reward.


A Weekend at Bernies.

When they came back they were bragging about how much fun they had and how we should have been there and how some mafia hitman kept trying to kill Bernie. (that’s an actual Weekend at Bernies plot reference for Rachel from Friends who reads my blog via email subscription).

As soon as they returned we were summoned to the immunity challenge. It was the infamous “build a fire” challenge, which because of the church fire codes was downgraded to a “make coffee” challenge. John, for the second week in a row, was able to outwit, outlast, and outplay us in the immunity challenge and walk away with the immunity necklace.


Back at camp Chad, John, Bill Mack, and I began to talk over who to vote off. We mentioned maybe voting off Michael…we have the song books, we’ve heard the songs, we could make it happen without him, right?

And we thought about maybe voting off David because he is a huge threat. But he is the one who knows how everything works around the church… we need to keep him a few more weeks. Plus yesterday was his birthday.

And we thought about maybe voting off Mary Beth. To which Bill Mack said… “But then who would do the cooking around camp?”

When it came down to it, one immunity challenge win in his pocket and possibly more to come, we went what we thought would keep us around longer and voted off Bill Mack.

Sorry Bill Mack.

We will miss you. And your 7 kids. But it is a game, and this move was purely strategic. I hope we can still be friends when all this is said and done…

Join us next week on Survivor: Staff Meeting.

Will John win immunity three weeks in a row? Will I stay tight with my alliance? Will someone else get back-doored?

Find out next week… ON Survivor.

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2 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 02december2008”

  1. Kristyl Roberts Says:

    Is this seriously the staff meeting I interupted, LOL??

  2. billmac Says:

    thanks for the ol’ “it’s just business(purely strategic)” reference… it really softens the blow tremendously…please remember me as I will be applying with our corprate sponsor to cook your thickburgers.

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