The Email That Saved Christmas

You may remember last Saturday’s Photo of the Day where I mentioned that Student Life labeled a pdf for their Keeping Christ in Christmas “xmas07_02…”


I just thought it was a little ironic. I received some comments from my theologically trained friends about “x” being the greek letter for Christ. To which I responded with what I thought a very witty  comment:

“well, what’s the greek for “mas”????

seems like they would have either written it all in english or all in greek. are you telling me that the student life people are naming their pdf in their own version of “spanglish”???

like “grenglish”?

i don’t think so…not buying it. nope.

and if you write “Xmas” then you are not a very good Xian.”

They did not seem to think it was very witty. Anyway, this week the pdf for the second Christmas later was well why don’t I just show you…


And they say emails don’t make a difference.

I think it helped that I wrote the email half in English and half in Greek. They emailed me back and said, “This is the most ridiculous email we have ever received. Why would you write something half in Greek and Half in English?”

My response was: “That’s exactly my point.”

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2 Responses to “The Email That Saved Christmas”

  1. Sean Hanzelik Says:

    Hilarious, dude!!! But, one heck of a good point.

    If I knew Greek, or Spanish, or French, or heck, even Pig Latin, I would have written half of this comment in one of those languages.

    Unfortunately, I barely no English.


    p.s Yes, that was intended!!

  2. kevinthecoolguy Says:


    thanks for noticing that i am not just a pretty face or a fancy dresser.

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