Photo of the Day- 06december2008


The Rock Its.

Today I was the busdriver and fun friend for a trip to Nashville to see The Rockettes.

Before the show we took a group photo. I suggested the leg kick thinking they would laugh and say, “Yeah right!” But they were all for it.

Marjorie, in pink pantsuit who is kicking the highest…. she is 83.


Take THAT Rockettes! You’ve gotten nothing on The Ridgedale Baptist Church Senior Rock Its!

And just a little side note. There were 5 midgets (little people) playing the parts of elves and the people inside the snowmen and the teddy bears and they were awesome.

Afterwards my mom found out that the people inside the snowmen were midgets and she said, “What??? Those were midgets???? I feel duped, I thought it was kids inside those snowmen.”

To which I sarcastically said, “What??? No way! There aren’t kids alive who could handle that choreography.”

And all sad, she said, “I know… but I thought they had found some.”

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2 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 06december2008”

  1. Kristyl Roberts Says:

    I can’t believe your mom and I missed this shot. But at least we were part of the “group” at the end for the roundup.

  2. billmac Says:

    nice rock-umentary.

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