Photo of the Day- 07december2008


Domo Arigato Mister (Origami) Roboto.

Today at the Chattanooga Market there was an Origami Swan booth. They were giving away origami swans or they would teach you to make your own. Of course I chose to make my own.

Aleese was my teacher. She was nice.

Lori and a couple of other people were watching so I felt like I needed to entertain them. After a minute or two I kinda felt like Dave Letterman or Jay Leno when they have a chef on who is trying to teach them to cook. Aleese was doing her best, trying to teach me to make a swan but my fingers were so cold I couldn’t fold well, and if you know origami you know that folding is a big part of it.

If you know David Letterman cooking segments you know that keeping the conversation going is a big part of that. I was making random chit chat and Aleese was giving those “you are such an idiot” responses just like the chefs on The Late Show.

If it were a segment on late night television I would have been able to go about 3/4 of the way through and then I could say, “And we have one that we already prepared here in the oven” and then reach and pull a completed swan out.

But we were not on a late night television, we were living my life, which has considerably fewer viewers,  so I had to complete it.

It didn’t flap its wings by the way. That was a question I asked at the end. That and “Which end is supposed to be the head?”

Apparently I am not very good at origami.

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