Photo of the Day- 08december2008


Dog of Christmas Presents.

This is Thor. He is my sisters dog. He really gets into Christmas. He is FULL of Christmas Spirit. He loves it when my sister and her kids dress him up with a Christmas jingle bell bow tie collar.

It’s kind of ridiculous really, I mean this time of year when he leaves “presents” in the yard, he really leaves presents in the yard…


My sister sent me about 93 pictures tonight, mostly of my neices and nephew dressed in cute Christmas outfits and cutting down their Christmas tree from a Christmas tree farm, 76 of which could literally been Christmas cards… and I chose these 2 as my Photo of the Day.

Which could be reason #712 Why I’m Not Married Yet.

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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 08december2008”

  1. sister-sledge Says:

    Can’t you just see how excited Thor is to be wearing that too?! Poor thing! He’s such a good sport though. Remember when Aleigha used to dress him up in her tu’tu’s and sequined dress-up clothes…no wonder he’s “confused” to this day about his gender-ness! :-)

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