Lunch at FIREhouse Subs

Today for lunch we went to Firehouse Subs. They have great subs and a GIANT selection of hot sauces. We like hot sauces so we always try a couple of different ones. Today we tried Mad Dog 357.


Mad Dog 357 is the hottest sauce that Firehouse carries… it is a 10+++


Chad Poe had some this past weekend and sent a mass picture text out to everyone warning them to stay away! He said it was the hottest thing he had ever experienced in his whole life ever.

Never one to back down from a challenge we put it on the table. Tony and I put a little puddle to dip our chips in but Brother Bill feeling bold or crazy or whatever splashed it all over his whole sub.

Tony tried it on a chip. He said it was HOT!

I tried it on a chip. I confirmed it was very, very HOT!

Brother Bill still not paying attention or thinking we were just talking it up took a big bite of his sub.

“Oh… that’s hot. That’s REAL hot…. That is the HOTTEST thing I have EVER tasted… Ohhh, no… this is bad… this is really, really bad,” he said also confirming the hotness as he posed for this picture…


“Hot… really, really HOT” indeed.

He drank his diet coke thinking that would help but it didn’t. His eyes were watering and his nose was running and sweat was beading up on his forehead. Hot… really, really HOT.

He wanted some milk but knowing Firehouse Subs didn’t carry milk he went for the next best thing. Ranch dressing.

His plan was to put it on anything that had come into contact with the Mad Dog 357.  He put it on his sandwich, he squirted in his mouth, he even rubbed it all over his lips trying to stop the burning. Oh, it’s true… in the middle of the lunch rush at Firehouse Subs Brother Bill was rubbing and squirting ranch dressing on everything. And you know I wouldn’t say anything unless I had a picture to prove it…


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3 Responses to “Lunch at FIREhouse Subs”

  1. John Says:

    Man, why did I go eat lunch at Five Guys today with my stinking family??? I should know by now — “Always go with the guys… Always go with the guys.”

  2. Kristyl Roberts Says:

    We have the most AWESOME pastor and boss ever!!!

  3. Photo of the Day- 04january2009 « Says:

    […] told the FIREhouse subs story including the pics and since everyone was ending with something really nice I thought I should too. […]

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