Photo of the Day- 13december2008


Staff Nativity Scene.

Tonight we went over to Brother Bill’s house to sing Christmas carols and talk to his drunk neighbor Pete.

We also were taking turns posing in the LIVE nativity scene in his yard. I was the first to go and we were gonna switch every 10 or 15 minutes.


2 and a 1/2 hours later no one had come to replace me.

Funny guys, really funny. A great way to end my first year at Ridgedale Baptist Church… can’t wait for year 2! (When hopefully there will be someone lower than me on the totem pole.)






And today I am going to throw in Photo of the Day Honorable Mention. I don’t normally do this but tonight I was feeling extra giving so I thought I’d slip it in.

It is from Breakfast in Bethlehem at Red Bank Baptist. I went over to play the inn keeper in a skit. My opening line was “Good morning and hello. I am that inn keeper from 2000 years ago…” and I had to fight everything within me not to say, “Good morning and hello. I am that holiday inn keeper from 2000 years ago…”

Anyway this picture is a bonus for The Office fans among us. It was taken during the dress rehearsal before and the lighting inspired the title. It is called…

I Feel God In This Chili’s Tonight.


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