Name That Duggar

Meet The Duggars


They have a show on TLC called “17 and Counting”… meaning 17 kids!

Well, they had their 18th kid today; her name is Jordyn-Grace. I added her to our hospital list and told Renee (our pastor’s secretary) it was Charlie and Mazie Hill’s daughter’s daughter.

It was hilarious! Until I got busted.

Renee called Charlie and he told them the baby’s name was not Jordyn-Grace, it was Kevinette.

Ehh, it was good while it lasted!

Could you imagine having 18 kids? And all their names start with the letter “J”. Whhaaaaa????

If you are bored at work play this fun game called “Name That Duggar” from the Discovery Health website. Click on Mommy and Daddy Duggar’s Faces to Play!



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One Response to “Name That Duggar”

  1. Joel Reynolds Says:

    Becky and I got 1800 points…which means Becky got 1800 points I just clicked on the name she told me! You know the Duggars just live up the road from us here in Fort Smith?

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