Photo of the Day- 28december2008


Fire and Brimstone.

Today I went to church at a small country church out by my dad’s house. I am on staff at a church with 2300 so it was nice to go to a church with a membership of 23.

Being a holiday weekend, only 16 others and me were there. The heater was broken and it was really, really cold.

When the old school country preacher got up and said, “Y’all might not like what I am about to say…” I thought, sweet, maybe he is gonna preach a Fire and Brimstone sermon and warm this place up.

He didn’t.

He preached on outsiders and it made me feel really awkward. Just kidding, he didn’t. He did notice me (there were only 16 other people) and he wasn’t sure if I was a member who didn’t ever come or a visitor and he said open-endly, “Is there anyone new among us today….????”

To which I said (after looking around curiuosly along with everyone else to see if anyone was new…), “Okay, okay, it’s me…”

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