Photo of the Day- 29december2008


Mexican Mushrooms

Today I went to visit my Granny in Caney Head, Texas. It is a really, really small town just outside of Silsbee, Texas where I grew up.  Most of my family lives there and I was really excited to see them. My Granny and I were sitting at her house talking trying to come up with a way I could see them all when we both decided since it was about supper time that we should all get together and go out to eat.

We called around and got everyone together we could and we all met at the restaurant. We ate at Casa Ole because my Granny wanted to eat Mexican because she said she hadn’t had it forever.

When they delivered the food I noticed she had gotten Fried Mushrooms.


I didn’t even know that was possible! We all thought it was really funny that we were eating at Casa Ole, a MEXICAN restaurant my GRANNY had picked, and she was eating fried mushrooms.


That’s all I could say, “¡AYE CARAMBA!!!!”

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